Sometimes achievements alone need to stand out for themselves, to show just exactly how wonderful they are.
I’m very conscious of not wanting to come across as big headed, plus I know others will have been through a similar journey and wouldn’t even be able to dream of doing the things I’ve done in the last year.

We have just however had the anniversary of my cancer diagnosis and I felt it really important to show that, as much as cancer does rob you of your dreams and goals…you can fight back.

My running has been my lifeline throughout everything from diagnosis to surgery, to chemotherapy, to radiotherapy, to starting to recover. Therefore here some of the biggest markers, the highlights of life that cancer wasn’t able to stop me achieving:

14th August 2018 – Carried out my own pink ribbon walk to raise money for Breast Cancer Care, 10 miles walked in one day a week post lumpectomy –

Great North Run 2018, 4 weeks post lumpectomy –

October Distance Award – The month I thought I would have to stop running, instead I did 149miles around being made menopausal and starting chemotherapy –

3rd November 2018 – My first 10K a week and a half after chemo cycle one. One I don’t have a photo from, but am immensely proud of!

Poppy Day 2018 10K

1st December 2018 – Another with no photo but a very important marker for me. 10K to celebrate Christmas coming, two weeks post chemo cycle two.

New Years Day – 5K to see in the new year –

7th February 2019 – Again there is no photo for this but on that morning I felt AWFUL, fragile, sick and so tired. I also no longer looked like me…but…I did a 6.6K run before going to the hospital for chemo cycle six…the last of my chemotherapy.

28th April 2019 – Longhorn 10K and my first event post chemotherapy and radiotheraphy –

19th May 2019 – Great Manchester Half Marathon and the day I took minutes off my Great North Run time to give me a new event PB! –

30th June 2019 – Race For Life 10K. Done for me, for all those I know who cancer has touched or is effecting, and all those whose lives it will change in the future –

13th July 2019 – Peak District Ultra Marathon 50K…my longest distance run…so far!

Total of running and walking from stepping into the chemo suite to Ultra Marathon: 1650 kilometres/1025 miles!

4 thoughts on “Achievements July 2018 – July 2019

  1. Emma you are in no way big headed! Your achievements are amazing! You should be so proud. Very inspirational. ❤ You certainly need a medal cabinet too 😊 Liz xx

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    1. Thank you so much, I’d really worried about doing the post but also felt it really important incase it…like the rest, helps someone else now or in the future. I’ll have an extra 5 by the end of this year so it will need to be a big cabinet 😊 xxx


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