Sunday – It felt strange to feel so good the day after my long run! I had no soreness or muscular aches at all and was pleased by how I felt…I had however lost some fluid weight and so made sure I drank alot during the day, aswell as eating extra as I wasn’t entirely sure which my body may need most and I didn’t want any delayed negative affects…DOMS are no laughing matter!
By mid-afternoon I noticed a slight twinge in the side of my left knee…my adductor wasn’t happy and so I did a 20minute session of Yoga For Runners before dinner.
We’d a lovely restful day together, doing nothing too much just as a rest day should be. The exciting part though was getting ourselves a cottage booked around the Loch Ness marathon…the 15 week countdown to it has commenced!

Monday – I’d had a dull ache on and off in my adductor all night and while I slept well I know I had to stretch whenever I woke…apparently I wasn’t an easy person to sleep next to, so it was certainly plaguing me more than expected.
All I’d done the day before to aide the fluid loss helped, and added a little more…I’m determined not to get hung up by that and to be honest walking out the door into the oven to go for a run, I needed a little extra to keep me strong and stable. My recovery run went well, it was sweaty when it normally isn’t and my heart rate was all over once I’d got warmed up…weather plays such a huge part and adds extra stress to the body. I paced slow and well and was pleased that although there was tightness in my legs, there was no pain or discomfort at all.
I got home to an email from Breast Cancer Now…there had been potential of me going to London on Thursday to take part in a Focus Group again, but last week it was put on hold. My early morning email was to ask if I could still attend…these sessions are hugely vital as it’s patients and ex-patients talking to specialists, support groups and practitioners…so my diary was juggled to put me in the Capital on Thursday. I had a morning appointment with my GP, so got ready quickly and left but for some reason I completely got the time wrong! Instead of waiting an hour I left and had half an hours refreshing walk in the mist at Longshaw instead.

It was beautiful and by the time I got back to the GP Surgery my Doctor was running nearly two hours late…so I was pleased I’d walked beforehand.
After a good restful afternoon I had tea out with my fabulous friend at a local Italian…hours of laughs, great food and fitness talk to end my day on a high!

Tuesday – With going to London on Thursday I moved my 6.5K interval session forward. Getting up to the sound of rain spurred me on no end, especially given the 16C forecast! I ran well, did each other kilometre faster and hit my old tempo times – proving to myself that my body can still do what I ask of it speed wise…giving awareness of how far I’ve come in the past few months…but also reminding me that I need time to heal and recover still.

I felt really up and happy post run…I’d been browsing Instagram over breakfast and found a picture posted by Buxton Spa Prize of them sorting through all the competition entries – and my painting was in the middle of the shot!!

I’m very aware it doesn’t mean it will make it into the final exhibition selection, but it was lovely to see it there.
I had an odd morning as had my eye test and to say I felt vulnerable and emotional once sat down waiting was an understatement. Not anxious, just really struggling! I made sure I explained my life situation to the wonderful lady who helped me choose my new frames, we decided that I needed to choose frames going on my face shape and facial features…not on my hair or hairstyle as that will change ALOT during the next two years. I took ages and she had the patience of a saint, but we got there in the end and in a couple of weeks they’ll be ready to collect.
My second saddest part of the day was my spin class…not the class itself as it was just awesome as always. It was the fact it will be my last one for the best part of a month given I start my taper next Monday, then need a bit of recovery post Ultra before going back gently.

Wednesday – Given the intensity of my run on Tuesday and the fact it had been a double workout day…I made sure I dialled my 10mile run down a little and ran slower, flatter and concentrated on my form and feel. It was a fresher, cooler start which was a huge help…although I do feel I’m coping better with running in heat now than last year – maybe it’s a raised core temperature menopausal thing! My run felt good throughout, my adductor however made my inner thigh say hello at about 6K…for less than a minute but it was still there, which I listened to and slowed down. That was however only for about another kilometre because the need to go to the loo started to take over. It was completely my own daft fault…I got up early and had porridge with jam, coffee and an electrolyte table in water which is my usual pre-run nourishment over 10K but less than a half marathon distance. Given that fuel, you should ideally give yourself about an hour to an hour and a half before you run…I gave myself 45minutes because I really wanted to get home before my fiancée left for work, as he wasn’t getting back until late and I needed to be in bed early due to London! Cue me therefore needing to wee from 3K in…completely fine…but the needing the loo bit really wasn’t – plus when I nigh on sprinted up to the public loos in Hathersage they hadn’t been unlocked. My morning was saved by a beautiful lady, who told me the pool was open so I could “pop” there! Running home was soooo nice, I felt immersed in nature and birdsong and tuned out the traffic on the road. I ended up getting back to an empty house but a wonderful note on the kitchen worktop!
With needing to wait in for my train ticket delivery I did a little more art project work before getting creative with home made soup at lunchtime. I had to go and get milk but my afternoon was spent resting and reading…I’m loving Vybarr Cregan-Reids book, especially his no holes bared description of the runners high!

I did read myself to sleep…a 10 minute planned nap ended up being just over an hour long but I felt great for it. It was nice to take the latter part of my day slowly and get things ready for Thursday.

Thursday – Being time conscious but still wanting to get my strength training in, I put on a half hour Pop Sugar full body conditioning workout. It was fun, fast and flippin sweaty but just what I needed to wake me up ready for my day.
My journey to London went smoothly and thanks to all the details given to me in advance I found the Breast Cancer Now head office in plenty of time. There were three of us attending the focus group session to discuss the BECCA app…when we started to use it, how we used it, how relevant it was to us and what improvements could be made. It was a rewarding couple of hours out of each of our days that will hopefully help others in the near future. After the session I had just under two hours free and so took the time to stroll in the sunshine slowly before heading back to Kings Cross and home.

The journey back was longer, needed a change at Retford aswell as at Sheffield and was unbelievably warm. I got back feeling drained, nauseous from the tiredness and irritable from the nausea. I arrived home only minutes after my fiancée and so after small discussion, set about making dinner. It was while cooking it that I took a look at my training plan and realised that due to changing the week around, plus breaking my long run in two, I’d no rest day booked…in my highest mileage week!!! So the early morning alarm was switched off and my yoga mat put back in the bedroom…yes I had plans during the day, but I knew with Friday rest was best!

Friday – It felt odd to have a lie in on a Friday morning! I’d slept well but the extra fluids I’d had after getting home on Thursday meant I was up several times in the night…at least I knew I was hydrating well ready for a weekend of running.
The morning was taken at leisure – coffee and packing ready for all the things I needed to give my Mum for my Ultra in a fortnight. Plus everything necessary for being away Saturday night and for Race For Life on Sunday morning.

It had been a cold start but the sun came out proudly from 11am, making my journey into Sheffield for my reflexology a pleasant and warm one. My treatment felt very different to last week, as if she had worked on my whole body and not just my feet! Afterwards it was almost as if I was walking on air and I was pleased to have time to sit in the Reception area and have another cup of tea. Once home I made a batch of scones for us to enjoy warm but to last into the weekend…a necessity given it was National Cream Tea Day!

Saturday – I got up to a foggy morning and a forecast showing the temperature to rise to 20C by the time I would be finishing my run. I was setting off early, was doing my run on the Monsal Trail so that it was sheltered and I had the coolness of the tunnels along the way. I knew to pace slowly and had taken an Ultras worth of fluid! My aim was to start at Litton, head to the old station at Bakewell, then double back to Millers Dale Station before going back on myself to Litton and finishing just after the carpark.

I never got as far as Millers Dale!
I started to feel too uncomfortable at 18K – I’d paced well throughout but the openness of the trail and heat from 8K was hard work. I’d run in a breeze but when I turned at Bakewell I lost it and gained hot air instead. Around 19K I was struggling and realised I couldn’t think properly, there was no need for a wee at all and my eyes ached…then I started to feel light headed! I slowed right down but on doing so stumbled and swooned…I realised just how hot I was and how poorly I was getting. I found my path and started to drop down back onto the lower road, the cool air in the trees was like intense energy…I drank and drank as I made my way down the steps…having to work out how to get my legs down each one, as my brain had started to stop functioning. I stopped at the bottom, gave myself five and assessed how I felt. I was close enough to doing the distance I needed and so finished my run slowly.

Once back at the car I drank deeply of my water, had a full bottle of Rego and poured the remaining water slowly over each leg and then across my chest and head…before sitting in the car with the aircon on max!
Back home again I made sure to hydrate well and rest myself before starting my journey to Lincolnshire. The bus, and then train, were both unbearably hot. Getting back to my Mum and Dads was a relief in so many ways.

Sunday – It’s Race For Life Day! Awake early after a good nights rest I’m ready to don my pink and run for me.

Anyone who thinks sunshine is pure happiness, has never ran in the rain!

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