Sunday – My rest day and it was so nice to just sit for an hour and watch a family of bluetits post fledging!
I’m an Ambassador for Bee Wise and received my free wildflower seeds from them earlier in the week.

The weather had been too wet for getting out properly, let alone sowing anything and so once I’d drank my coffee and the bluetits had disappeared, I popped out and had a session in the garden.
Although I felt good I knew my body would benefit from a little yoga, so I gathered my mat and did an interesting Yoga For Risk Takers session…great fun, plus very relaxing and grounding.

Monday – I felt full of energy on my recovery run and had to concentrate on not overthinking and keeping things slow, I hit zone 4 heart rate a couple of times but stayed mainly at good solid aerobic level throughout.
My day was taken up with catching up with my Derbyshire ladies, morning coffee and an early evening meal. I finished the day feeling loved, propped up, inspired and ready for life.

Tuesday – Due to going away at the end of the week and wanting to rest as much as possible while there, I moved my 6.5K run from Thursday and had a double day. I ran every other kilometre at tempo…it was uncomfortable but the data showed I was on target for what I wanted to achieve all the way through.
Due to having run, and quite intensely, I made sure I added in extra recovery…I had extra Rego as I got in, iced my legs and ensured I had more food and lots of rest during the day.
While I happily spent a lot of the day reading, I did do 20mins Yoga for Deep Core mid-morning to ensure I’d got a session in and felt it helped stretch and calm me before spin. I also started a new art project…something I may share later when things have progressed.
My spin class in the evening did feel a little harder work and so I didn’t push myself, especially knowing I had 12.5K to run the next morning.
One huge thing I noted on and off all day was just how irritable I felt…the fall out effect of having had my monthly hormone injection the day before. I also felt slightly bloated and uncomfortable…this usually stays with me a few days after my injection. My stomach was also a lot more tender than usual and during spin class my muscles in my stomach felt painful as I moved.

Wednesday – I did the wrong thing and looked out the window before I even got changed to go for my run, my motivation was therefore shot by the rain before I stepped out of the door….I love running in the rain but yet another wet day made me melancholy.
The first 5K were mind over matter but thankfully the long distance runner took over and the following 7.5K were all flow and felt good. I followed a hilly route but made sure to keep things slow and go easy, being economical with my energy all way round.
Home and warmed up we finished our packing. We put in for a special mini-break through Willow Foundation back in December, due to how poorly I was until with the chemotherapy and then the after effect, it was a while before my Support Nurse was happy to finish putting everything through. The next few days detailed here are our treat from the Foundation to give us a bit of time together, away somewhere special, totally un-cancer related.
Our journey I found tiring but was able to sleep on and off. Once we’d arrived we enjoyed just relaxing and taking in the Abbey view from our room, watching people play croquet on the recreation grounds behind the hotel.

The Foundation had booked us a complimentary cream tea which we enjoyed in the sunny conservatory before heading into the City.

We had a good wander around and went down the riverside near Pulteney Bridge.

We saw a violinist playing near the Abbey, found the Baths ready for Thursday morning. Then walked round to The Circus and to the Crescent…imagining how that part of the City would have looked in the Georgian age.

Part of our package given to us was a Tastecard to use and so we took advantage of a 2 for 1 offer in an Italian called Joya and both of us had a total carb overload…we walked out happy and really full…infact that full I was pleased I wasn’t running the morning after!

Thursday – Our main day in Bath and we awoke to rain but didn’t let it put a downer on our day. The breakfast at the hotel was delicious and set us up for the morning. A good thing given it took us a few hours to walk the Roman Baths…we followed the audio tour round and it definitely made sure we spent longer there.

I’m a great believer in the powers of nature and during treatment have taken the waters at Buxton when able, I therefore made sure to do likewise at the Baths at the end of the tour. The water in Bath smells more sulpherous and tastes more salty than the more metallic taste of Buxtons water.

Bath Abbey is beautiful and while not large it’s well worth a visit, it is after all the site of the first coronation…being the place that King Edgar was crowned.

After a quick lunch we popped into the Sally Lunn shop to see the Museum. Then headed to the Herschel Museum.

An ordinary looking house with a huge impact on history as William Herschel discovered Uranus. He and his sister were from a musical background but his love of science and astronomy meant that he made his own telescopes and they charted the stars.
After a bit more browsing of the City we had tea in the Regency Cafe at the Jane Austen Centre, before heading back to the hotel for a bit of rest ahead of a sumptuous dinner at No.15 Great Pulteney.

Friday – Thanks to having eaten later I slept really deep and peacefully. We had a beautiful breakfast again before finishing our packing to set off, but I felt really upset at having to leave. Given we’d decided to go and explore Lacock I did feel a little daft and guilty but I’d had such a relaxed time away, felt really calmed and happy and things felt very far from life at home…cancer vibes and trivialities.
Lacock was an easy half hours drive from Bath and the sun came out as we arrived. The village is beautiful and the houses so picturesque…I visited Castle Combe last year and for me Lacock is far better. I had a chocolate tasting at the Chocolate Barn, strolled the streets and explored the village church before we made our way to the Abbey.

The current photography exhibition and art show in the barn on arrival is a must…Lacock is basically where photography was invented after all! The Abbey was beautiful and its changes of use through history give it so much character.

On one hand it’s sad that you can’t see the larger rooms that the nuns originally used, however the home that it was turned felt peaceful. It also wasn’t on such a scale that you would find it hard imagining a family living and using it.
We spent longer in Lacock then we’d imagined and so knew the journey may be a little longer, however traffic and an accident on the motorway meant that my poor fiancé drove for just over five hours in total.

Saturday – My long run day and while I felt good, energised and ready for my run I also feel a tad uncomfy…ontop of what my monthly hormone injection has been doing all week, I’ve eaten quite a lot while away and trying to get my pre-race breakfast in ontop was a challenge.
I was hopeful that everything would give me more strength to use and not make me feel sluggish, something which I feel paid off – my last 26K had yes been a full three minutes faster, however that was on a flatter course and on a route that I’d done many times…it’s also not a significant enough amount to worry me.
We had the rest of the day together, with a trip to Buxton mid afternoon to listen…and watch…the talk given on The Gold Field, detailing the torcs found in the Snettisham Hoard.

Sunday – My rest day but a hugely important day as it’s both my Dads birthday and Fathers Day. I can’t afford to get him very much and so have a special lunch planned to treat him with.

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